DC choke



Defibrillator monitor with data of automatic external defibrillation (AED)

Defibrillator – monitor DKI-N-11 “AXION” with option of automated external defibrillation (AED) is designed for resuscitation and electropulse therapy of acute and chronic cardiac arrhythmia, detection of arterial oxygen saturation and measurement of blood pressure, as well as for external, transesophageal, endocardial pacing.

It is used in hospital, cardiology clinics and for equipping emergency medical assistance teams. The device is certified for the conformance with requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC.

Three versions :

FULL: Defibrillator + ECG+ NIBP + SPO2 + 3 types of pacing (external, transesophageal, endocardial) + memory card.

Simplified: defibrillator + ECG + NIBP + SPO2 + memory card.

Basic: defibrillator + ECG + memory card.

ICU – CCU Furnitures

ABS TWO Crank hospital Bed

ABS head and foot boards can be removable

Aluminum alloy side rail , 5 –staff , collapsed with type safe lock.

Bed sheet top made from perforated steel , epoxypowder coated  and baked finish

Bed framework made from mild steel ERWrectangular tubes

Central control castor with dia.150mm

2 functions adjusted by hand crank: Backrest Lifting angle: 80± 5 Kneerest lifting angle : 40± 5

Four places for catheter holder


ABS Bedside Cabinet

Material: engineering hard plastic, ABS

Dimension: 480*480*760mm

Color: blue, White

  • with drawer,flat drawer
  • with concealed towel-rail on both sides;
  • with water glass holder on the flat drawer
  • with water bottle holder into the door


Accurate: Patent algorithm on smart pulsation compensation makes actual flow more stable
Comfortable: heating function makes patients feel more comfortable
Quiet: Top quality driving motor leads to less vibration and lower noise.
Secure: Dual-CPU monitoring design
Considerate design: Environment light detection and running status, easy for observing machine status
Endurance: Battery could last more than 8 hours(at 25ml/h)
Smart: With built-in WIFI function module, provides smart networking and management function(SN-1600VR)

It could be used as veterinary infusion pump for animals.


Monitor BIOCARE PM900

-TFT LCD display
– Friendly and configurable user interface
-Built-in LI-lon battery up to 2 hours continuous working
-Easy upgrading keeps us updated
-Anesthetic depth displays / CSL ,EEG , SCI ,BS and trend chart simultaneously with alarm function
-Powerful data review
480-hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters
1000 pieces of NIBP record storage
700 pieces of alarms review
Wire or wireless network connect to central monitoring system(optional)-

ECG Lead Mode 3/5 Lead
Dimension 315x303x152 mm
Weight 4 Kg
Resp Resolution 1 rpm

• Measured parameter:
• Applications:
• Configuration:
• Other characteristics:
• Screen size:
12.1 in