Infant Incubators


AM3000 Infant Incubator
*well served : 6 doors , 2 drawers , moving bed , strong 4 wheels with brakes , controller
*Two sensor ( incubator sensor + skin sensor )
*controller :
– set temperature up to 39 c
-Alarm :
High temperature (up to 1.5c)
Low temperature (below 2.5c)
Over air temperature
Air flow
Sensor failure
Power failure
System failure
Heater failure



National Air Oxygen Blender for medical use

Characteristics of Performance

Specially used for oxygen therapy with babies head cap or nasal oxygen catheter;
Oxygen concentration: 21%-100%,
flow rate: 0-18LPM freely adjust;
Adjust respectively of both oxygen concentration and flow rate;
Anodic oxidation treatment on surface;
Unbalanced alarm of supply gas pressure;

Technology Parameter

Flow :0-18LPM


Pressure difference alarm: Pressure difference of oxygen supply is over 0.10MPa, alarm by sound
Alarm times: At least 60S
Alarm noise:Lower than 57dB(A)

General Parameter

Dimension: W180XD100XH120mm
Air & Oxygen Supply: 0.3MPa-0.4MPa
Weight: 1.6kg
Attach any of certificates :ISO 13485 CE

Infant Warmer


Two heater , you can turn both of them or one of them .
Two shelf.
Temperature sensor.
Temperature display
Three drawers
Lamp for lighting
Four side
Hand for bed tilting
For wheels , two of them with brakes

Infusion Pump


Accurate: Patent algorithm on smart pulsation compensation makes actual flow more stable

Comfortable: heating function makes patients feel more comfortable

Quiet: Top quality driving motor leads to less vibration and lower noise.

Secure: Dual-CPU monitoring design

Considerate design: Environment light detection and running status, easy for observing machine status

Endurance: Battery could last more than 8 hours(at 25ml/h)

Smart: With built-in WIFI function module, provides smart networking and management function(SN-1600VR)
It could be used as veterinary infusion pump for animals.